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50% To Charity

50% of the proceeds from all* Stout Shop purchases goes to support an initiative that's very near to our hearts: The Michael Jackson Foundation, a scholarship program for BIPOC in the brewing and distilling worlds.

Started by Garret Oliver (who needs no introduction) and named for Michael Jackson (often cited as the world’s greatest beer and whisky writer), the Michael Jackson Foundation is a grant-making organization that funds scholarship awards to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color within the brewing and distilling trades. The program is open to candidates at the beginning of their careers, as well as those looking to continue their education. The MJF awards present an opportunity for members and patrons of the brewing and distilling industries to directly fund a more just, equitable, and dynamic future. LEARN MORE >>

*Pixelated Bento merchandise benefits One Tail At A Time's Pet Mutual Aid Program, which recognizes that keeping pets with the people who love them is a hugely important way to help our community and also reduce the number of animals surrendered to shelters. LEARN MORE >>